DR. WILLIAM W. BRAHAM FAIA is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently Interim Chair of the Department of Architecture and Director of the Master of Environmental Building Design. He received an engineering degree from Princeton University and an M. Arch and Ph.D. Arch. From the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught since 1988. At Penn he teaches graduate courses on ecology, technology, and design.  He practices with the TC Chan Center  and as a design consultant for Ivalo Lighting and Lutron Electronics. At the Chan Center, his most recent projects have been the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster on Energy-Efficient Buildings and the Sustainability Plan, Carbon Footprint, and Carbon Reduction Action Plan for the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2006 he published a book called Rethinking Technology: A Reader in Architectural Theory, and In 2002 published a book called Modern Color/Modern Architecture: Amédée Ozenfant and the genealogy of color in modern architecture ( He has recently published a series of articles at, and blogs at