furjanHELENE FURJAN is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at PennDesign, University of Pennsylvania, where she is Director and a founding editor of viaBooks (viaOccupations was released in 2008, viaDirt publishes in 2011), Director of the Conversations Series of interdisciplinary debates, and Chair of the Architecture Lecture Committee. She has had essays and reviews published in journals including Gray Room, AAFiles, Assemblage, Casabella, Journal of Architecture, JAE, Art Forum, and Interstices.  She published Crib Sheets: Notes on the Contemporary Architectural Conversation with Sylvia Lavin (2005), and has chapters in Intimate Metropolis (2008), 306090: Models (2008), Softspace (2006), Gen(H)ome (2006), and Performalism: Form and Function in Digital Architecture (2008). She is completing a book on John Soane's house-museum, 'Glorious Visions': John Soane's Spectacular Theater, forthcoming through Routledge (spring 2011), and is working on a new book with Linda Taalman and Roland Woolroos-Ritter investigating the history of the diagram. Her current research investigates effects, spectacle, perception and affect in the history and contemporary practice of architecture, and the organization and interdisciplinarity of urban systems.