JOHN TODD  , PH.D   is Research Professor and Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Vermont and a Fellow of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. He is the President of Ocean Arks International and Chairman of John Todd Ecological Design Inc based in Woods Hole, MA.

Dr. Todd is an applied ecologist working on whole systems design. His interests include the cultivation of foods, the restoration of damaged environments, economic landscapes and ecological industrial parks. His goal is to search for ecological, political and economic ways of capturing atmospheric carbon into the soils of the world in order to help stabilize global climate. In his spare time he grows tropical shrimp and oysters. His passion is writing and decoding Nature’s operating instructions. He is the author, or co-author with his wife Nancy Jack Todd, of six books. He is inspired by his graduate students.

He has been widely recognized over the past four decades. Most recently the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, a building that houses his eco-machine for waste treatment for the whole Omega campus, was the first facility to be honored as having achieved the Living Building Challenge as well as a LEEDS platinum rating.