hsuDAVID HSU is an Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning in the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. He studies environmental and urban infrastructure, in particular planning distribution networks for energy and water, and policies designed to encourage greener buildings. Prior to joining the faculty, Professor Hsu worked in a variety of roles in government, academia, finance, and engineering, at the City of Seattle, City of New York, on Wall Street, and for the Arup Partnership.

Professor Hsu's current research focuses on the modeling of water and energy demand, and attribution of conservation to specific policies. Current working papers develop classical random-parameter and Bayesian hierarchical models for water demand, and further extend these models for welfare and policy analyses. Other works in progress include papers on causal inference, one for a water pricing policy in Seattle and another studying building energy codes.

Professor Hsu is currently teaching Quantitative Planning Analysis, International Infrastructure, and Sustainable Cities.

Ph.D., University of Washington
MSc, London School of Economics
M.S., Cornell University
B.S., Yale University