neukrug1Water Commissioner HOWARD M. NEUKRUG, P.E. is chief executive of Philadelphia’s water utility where he is responsible for providing 2 million people in the Greater Philadelphia region safe and affordable drinking water and providing integrated wastewater and stormwater services to ensure healthy and vibrant rivers and streams.  In this role he oversees the management of 2000 employees, an annual operating budget of $600 million, and a $1.2 billion capital improvement program. 

Mr. Neukrug is a national leader for sustainable practices and quality management in the water industry and has served as an advisor to the US EPA, the State of Pennsylvania and the Delaware River Basin Commission.  He is the creator of Philadelphia’s “Clean Water, Green Cities” program which integrates land-based urban sustainability goals with the goals for clean, safe, attractive and accessible rivers and streams. 

He is a Professional Engineer and a graduate in Civil and Urban Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently teaching a course on  How to Use Water, Science and Politics to Create a More Sustainable Philadelphia.