dreiseitlHERBERT DREISEITL is a water artist, landscape architect, and interdisciplinary planner. A hallmark of his work is the inspiring and innovative use of water to solve urban environmental challenges, connecting technology with estetics, encouraging people to take care and ownership for places. He has realized groundbreaking contemporary designs in the fields of urban hydrology, water design, stormwater management, planning, and landscape architecture.

As the founder of Atelier Dreiseitl, a globally integrated design studio with a 30-year history of excellence in landscape architecture and urban planning Herbert directs the organizations strategic design and planning efforts, demonstrating a portfolio of site-responsive interventions of urban hydrology and environmental engineering. Through a collaborative network with studios in Ueberlingen, Germany, Singapore, Beijing, China and Portland, Oregon, Herbert is committed to developing resources and expertise of lasting impact on the design profession and the natural and built environments across the globe. He lectures worldwide and has authored many publications including three editions of Recent Waterscapes, Planning, Building and Designing with Water.

As Loeb Fellow 2011 at GSD and Urban Edge Award winner at UMW, Herbert currently is exploring the history of water and society, the changing exogenous water security environments, and design tools for managing global water-related risks.