echeverriaIÑAKI ECHEVERRIA  is an architect and landscape urbanist. His firm, founded in 2008, has been awarded important commissions, both public and private, such as the Parque Lago Texcoco (35,000 acres), Papalote Children´s Museum in Monterrey, a 700 unit housing  project in Mexico City, and Plan de Desarrollo de Chimalhuacan.

The office operates as a node, coordinating more than 100 partners, including technical and scientific institutions and a large group of independent professionals. This multidisciplinary approach provides specific solutions to complex conditions, ranging from environmental remediation and reclamation projects, or landscape urban planning to architecture, design and art installations. In all these investigations a bottom-up  collaborative approach to design is always is privileged.

Echeverria holds a Masters degree from the GSAPP at Columbia University. He is a professor of design at Universidad Iberoamericana and the Aedes Network Campus Berlin, and a visiting juror in several universities in Mexico, the US and Germany.