stokmanANTJE STOKMAN is a professor as well as a practicing landscape architect. She is director of the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology within Stuttgart University since 2010. Together with Sabine Rabe she is founding partner of the landscape und urban planning studio "osp urbanelandschaften" in Hamburg since 2010. Making use of the synergies between science, teaching and practice, her work evolves around the aim to develop new areas of involvement and design approaches for the profession of landscape architecture – by defining it as the art of integrating complex ecosystems, infrastructure systems and human lifeworlds. As a member of the interdisciplinary research and teaching platform STUDIO URBANE LANDSCHAFTEN she was awarded the Topos Landscape Award in 2011, the Lower Saxony Science Prize in 2009 and nominated as a member of the German national advisory council on spatial planning in 2010.She is also a member of a UNESCO-IHP Working Group on Integrated Urban (Water) Infrastructure Provision for Slums.