KONGJIAN YU received his Doctor of Design at the Harvard GSD. He is the founder and Dean of the School of Landscape Architecture at PKU, and now the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. He founded Turenscape, an internationally awarded firm with over 500 professionals. Yu and Turenscape's practice covers landscape architecture and urbanism across scales. Yu's projects received numerous international awards, including both 2009 and 2010 World Architectural Festival Awards of Landscape, the 2009 ULI Global Award for Excellence, the 2010 ASLA award of Excellence, and 7 ASLA Honor Awards (American Society of Landscape Architects). Yu publishes widely; his current publications include The Beautiful Big Foot, Landscape as Ecological Infrastructure and The Art of Survival. Through his works, Yu tries to reconstruct ecological infrastructure across scales and to define a new aesthetics based on environmental ethic. Yu was keynote speaker for the 40th, 43rd and 46th IFLA World Congress, the 2006 and 2008 ASLA annual conference, and has lectured worldwide.  Yu is current ly teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Design, and serving the Master Jury for the Aga Kahn Architecture Award.